You Can Trust Our Speedy AC Repair in New Holland, PA

Trying to keep cool in the summer without a working air conditioner can be a huge hassle, particularly when all you can do is wait for AC repair in New Holland.

Rather than sit around, why not hire the utility professionals at Ameri-Tec? We work quickly to bring the refreshing AC back fast, so you can go back to enjoying your time at home.

All our neighborly, accomplished specialists are famous in the community for their abilities in maintaining, repairing and installing all kinds of HVAC equipment, for both residential and business customers. Our guarantee is that every job will be completed to your expectations the first time, providing you peace of mind and the productive AC you deserve.

It doesn’t matter what the damage could be, whether it’s a dirty filter, loud system or frozen equipment. Our expert techs won’t give up until the job is done and your air conditioning system is in the best shape it can be.

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While many more extensive problems with your AC should be left to an insured professional, there are a few less complicated jobs you can address yourself to maintain your HVAC system. Here are a few common jobs you can easily do by yourself.

If your AC equipment won’t even start, you’ll want to review the electrical components, particularly the thermostat and circuit breaker. Check them both to make sure all settings are accurate and that the breakers haven’t tripped.

Your air conditioner could also be blowing untreated air instead of cold air. While a lack of refrigerant could be